Subtitling Services

Qatar Translation Agency provides subtitling services to companies, organizations and individuals all over the world. Qatar is made up of specialists who provide high quality subtitles for audio-visual material such as subtitles for films, documentaries and materials for promotional purposes and also subtitling for the deaf and those who have problems hearing. Qatar Translation only uses experienced subtitle translators who hold the relevant qualifications and are significantly experienced in the kind of subtitling and the subject field specified by the client. All the subtitles are native speakers of the language they give subtitles in.

Qatar Translation Agency distinguishes itself from others by having accredited subtitlers. Our clients can therefore be rest assured that they will get quality results on their subtitles.
The written versions of dialogues of a film or any other form of audio-visual material are known as subtitles. They are usually displayed at the bottom of the screen. There are two main types of subtitling:

Pre-recording subtitling:
The subtitles are based on translation of transcription dialogue found in audio-visual material.

Live subtitling
This involves live captioning carried out for news, current affairs and sports programs and talk shows.
With millions of adults in the world suffering from hearing loss, subtitling the audio-visual material is the best way to reach a larger audience and to show that the company is socially aware.