Patent Translation

Qatar Translation Agency also specializes in patent translation plus translation of other related documents to the highest levels of standard. All the patent translations in our agency are carried out by specialists with wide experience in patent translation. Technical translation and legal translation have a crossroad between them and this is where patent translation comes in. Patent translation is therefore complex and requires a different translation team with a different workflow and unique quality assurance standards. We are one of the very few translation companies to have accredited patent translators and our customers can be completely assured of our consistency in great quality when it comes to patent translations.

Qatar Translation uses teams comprising of specialist such as mechanical engineers, medical doctors, pharmacologists etc. and legal experts to translate the patents. This ensures that we achieve the best possible results in terms of accuracy in translations of very technical documents. We have experience translating discovery material for complex patent litigation cases, this including everything from on-site document sifting and document translation to court interpreting expertise all over the entire world.