Business Translation

Qatar Translation Agency provides comprehensive and flexible outsourcing solutions for our clients’ business needs and delivers, consistently, the best services to our honorable clients. Our team of experienced, skilled language professionals, industry experts and project managers undoubtedly makes us your number one partner for your translational needs in the business field. Any project whether large or small is treated with the same great care while being managed by a single project manager throughout. The project manager will definitely ensure that the translation of the document is assigned to a translator who has the specialized experience in that particular field of business.

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Qatar Translation Agency has a quality control process that ensures that all your business needs are met after completing your translation and making it available to you. There are at least three professional linguists who will be working on each assignment present: a translator, editor and a proof-reader. Each of them will have been selected based on their merits in experience and expertise in that particular filed of specialization.  Once the translation process is complete the editor assigned to the particular project will review and refine the document, ensuring that the document will be readable just as well in the target language as it did in the original. The proofreader accomplishes the final stage in the quality control process. He/she will compare the translation with the source document to ensure that the translated document is a true and complete representation of the source document.

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Qatar Translation Agency quality control process means that you as our client can be assured that all the industry-specific terminology which appearing in your document will be rendered with precision and appropriately in the target language. We will also make sure that the translated document will take into account all the legal details present in the source document and relay these accurately. This is made possible through concentrating all our expertise in both business and legal translation. In case a document contains the terminology that relates to the finance industry, the expertise in our agency in financial translation, together with close and long-term links with linguists with extensive experience in the finance industry, enables us to produce the translated documents which are professional and reliable in the language that is targeted as they were in the original document.