Braille Translation

Qatar Translation Agency provides full range braille translation services to our clients worldwide. Braille is a writing system that enables blind and partially blind individuals to read. Basically it is a code constituting raised dots where numbers, letters and punctuation marks are represented by a combination of dots.

 We specialize in braille transcription and we can accommodate lots of specific requests that a client may have. Qatar Translation Agency is a unique and certified braille transcription and translation agency. We assure our clients that the quality of our braille translation services are comparable to one. All your braille translations will be certified, notarized and made legal to meet your precise requirements.

Braille system is an internationally recognized system of communication and Qatar Translation Agency chooses to boasts of numerous happy braille translation customers; law organizations, individuals and companies who are required to provide documents in braille. A company’s market can open up just by providing material written in braille for people who are visually impaired. It also paints a picture of the company being socially aware which is a good reputation and will attract more clients and investors.