Web and Software Localization

Localization and internationalization.
Language translation Internationalization in Qatar Translation Agency is the process of designing and building an application that is able to facilitate localization of a given language translation service. This is a new service that is offered at the agency and is used to translate documents which the client needs within at a very short time. The inbuilt software uses the UTF-8 international characters to be able to recognize the assigned language. However the service does not translate areas that are related to journal fields, report titles or any field that stores free-form text. For any client to be able to use this service, he or she has to be able to understand two main specific areas. The user’s specific language and translation tables. Under the user-specific language the user has several choices in identifying the language used at the login page. These details are mainly provided by the Qatar Translation Agency. The user then moves to the translation tables where he or she is able to choose the translation language needed for the assigned job. After the details are set in, the client is then re-directed to a translation string where he or she is now able to choose the translation of his document.

Localization on the other hand is the cultural and linguistic adaption of an internationalized application to more than one cultural distinct market. The purpose of this service is to be able to make the ones translated products be able to reach a wide platform of individuals. Qatar Translation Service mainly uses the process of a product to be able to meet the language, cultural and other requirements of a specific target environment or a market.

Translation in this aspect can work on nearly every commercially available hardware and software platform. For the proprietary environments, Qatar Translation Agency has been able to develop filters for extracting and reinserting texts. This has mainly been useful in exploiting open technologies such as XML and the UNICODE.

In our experience only properly localized products and contents help our clients throughout the entire customer interaction. The main benefits of this service include:

  • Customers are more likely to purchase a product localized to their native language and adapted to their local requirements.
  • Localized marketing enables better messaging and acceptance of the marketing communication and brand awareness made possible through language translation.
  • People are able to understand the terms and uses posed by the services offered in different countries.

The main strengths of localization service offered by Qatar Translation Service include:
Having a well-tested and reproductive methods that are employed in the translation service. This helps to maintain the proper translation quality of products offered. The professionals all have a careful attention to the terminologies employed and styles of writing in the initial text. The agency is also attentive in compete compliance with the international standards and industry terminology.