Professional Translation Services

Technical translation service.
Qatar Translation Agency translates a variety of languages. This is because the company boasts a large number of professionals. With every translation order placed, the company appoints a translator native to the desired language and proficient in the original language of the text.

Our translators in the technical translation category cover diverse branches of science and engineering services. They include chemical engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, physicists, mining engineers, mechanical engineers etc. The technical translators are not only preferred on the basis of their educational qualification but also in the basis of their work and experience they have in technical translation service delivery. The technical translators carefully translate a broad variety of technical data and information which include:

  • Technical operations and maintenance manuals
  • Automotive/Automobile
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Hardware and Software
  • Electronics
  • Energy/Power Generations
  • Manufacturing procedures and quality-control documentations
  • Technical specifications
  • Complex Industrial process descriptions
  • Science

Business translation service.
Qatar Translation Agency is able to provide the clients with business and finance translation services. We have continued to be the number one choice for businessmen and multinational companies who need upfront services.

The business translation service is filled with highly qualified translators experienced in all matters concerning business terms. All the translators hold a master’s degree in commerce and finance and are very proficient in their work. Qatar Translation Agency is also able to offer documented translations in all Asian and European languages. The main services offered in the business field mainly includes:

  • Advertising details
  • Commercial letters
  • Company brochures,
  • Company product presentations
  • Stock exchange notices
  • Proposals
  • Correspondence
  • Annual reports and contracts
  • Economics
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Banking reports
  • Tender documentation
  • Market reviews and analysis
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Marketing and promotional texts

Legal translation services.
Qatar Translation Agency also offers various translation services in all legal formalities and documentation service. This is done in a wide variety of languages with complete accuracy and exactness. The Qatar Translation Agency is very particular about the timeliness of the translation service and documentation because we value our clients’ time. The Qatar Translation Agency is responsible in delivering important and confidential items such as tapes, contracts and documents with full care and precaution. Other legal services included include:

  • Law: General
  • Law: Contracts
  • Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights
  • Law: Taxation & Customs
  • Statements
  • Legal correspondence
  • Sales contracts
  • Certificates
  • Tenders
  • Appeals
  • News coverage