Services We Provide

Qatar translation agency is one of the best translation agencies globally. This is because as a company we are able to offer top-notch services. Our translation services are varied and affordable to the customer. We are revered mainly for our emphasis on professionalism, perfectness and accuracy.

The quality placed at Qatar translation agency is mainly 100% professional and error-free. The translations made match the tone and vocabulary used in the original text file. Our main aim is to be able to maintain a high essence of the original text provided by the customer and be able to make the translation sound better than the original file. Qatar translation agency specializes in many languages due to the strong ties and alliances that we have with many senior language specialists.

The desktop publishing service (DTP)/ Typesetting, lay outing and formatting are among the services we provide under technology category. We translate brochures, fliers, product launch materials, notices and company portfolio items among others.

Further, Qatar translation Agency also provides the following services:

Translation services.
The main translation services provided by Qatar translation agency include in all platforms of legal, medical, technical, marketing, academic and over more than 100+ more translation services. This is to ensure that the customers’ needs are covered wholly.

Interpreting services.
The translating services are mainly simultaneous and conservative to ensure uttermost efficiency.

Conference system.
This service is mainly offered to multi-national organization. The conference system services include interpretation booth, Infrared Receiver With Headsets / Multi-Channel Infrared Receiver with headsets, Central Control Unit by Bosch, INT-TX –BOSCH (Channel Transmitter): DCN-RADIATOR (Radiator by BOSCH), AUDI-PACK BOOTH, DCN-IDESK, Interpretation Microphone system by Bosch , On-Site Technician, Transportation.

Attestation services.
These type of services are provided from India, Pakistan, United Kingdom, United States of America and other different countries which are placed globally.

Transcription services.
These are translation services offered to professional courses. They include Medical and technical transcription services. We are able to cover business or academic ground using this service. We ensure that we are able to provide this service in a professional way.

Voice-over services.
Qatar translation service is always fully equipped with all industrial voice analysts and translators who are able to cover a very wide platform of assigned languages all over the globe.

This service is mainly made up of a large team of professional subtitles who are well equipped with given skills to be able to have skills and proficiency in subtitling and present flawless work. Any presented subtitling work is always placed under a specialized team.

Artwork, layout, typesetting and desktop publishing.
This services provide CAT Tools and Software: Studio 2011, Trados, Tag Editor, SDLX, Across, Déjà Vu, Word Fast, Catalyst, Word Press, InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Frame Maker, QuarkXPress, Interleaf, Folio Views, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Publisher.