Translation System

Qatar Translation Agency has over the years developed a reputable translation management system that ensures top quality translation in the most cost-effect and prompt way. Qatar Translation Agency boasts a multi-person team which brings different skills and talent together. With such a team, workflow management and other fundamental translation tasks are handled by highly qualified personnel.

The main features of our Translation management include:

Workflow management
Qatar Translation Agency has automated its document management processes. This facilitates communication amongst the team members. With the automation in place things work faster, more efficiently and less cost involved. With a multilingual team in place, almost all translated documents are guaranteed of quality and perfection.

Translation record management
Qatar Translation Agency keeps and maintains a large database of previously translated documents for future reference or when the client needs a copy at a later date. The documents help our new translators learn the required translation standards. Translation record also helps you save money as you don’t need to subscribe to any cloud storage service to retrieve your documents. Our Translation records management helps maintain the records centrally.

Terminology management
We also keep our commonly used translation terminologies for every category of translation. Since most terminologies are specific to field, country and language of application, we try to use them to create consistency with the fields or category of translation and the language.

Since Qatar Translation Agency is among the most established companies, we boast some of the most advanced reporting techniques both internally and to our clients. Successful translation agencies like ours rely of upfront reporting of events, projects, milestones and challenges for effective management. We send our clients translation updates for their active projects while at the same time updating our records through systematic reporting.

Integrated Machine Translation
 Embracing modern technologies is one of the key aspects that Qatar Translation Agency is upholding. Through the use of modern translation management system it offer API connections. This is because some individuals may consider a machine for translation. This machine will provide different translations depending on the command it has been given through our system. For clients who need supervised machine translation, we do add machine translation to their workflow upon request.

We are the pioneers of systematic solutions for translation management. We opt to deliver our service within the stipulated time. Time delivery is very much crucial in a global and competitive world. With proper time managements, projects are done with utmost decorum of efficiency making the output to be presentable. We have streamlined the process of completing your translation by our proprietary web-based knowledge as well as data mining solutions which ensure instantaneous completion of your project.

For a successful business, it is worth signing an agreement with us to enjoy world-class translation project management. Regardless of the original language or the resultant translated language, our services are always top-notch. We are set apart by our diligence, great work ethics and adherence to agreements. We are your friendly, timely and professional translation partner in the industry.