Translation Process

Qatar translational agency offers its translation services uniquely and professionally to be able to retain their customers and be able to provide the best to the customers. Each steps requirement is carefully evaluated before moving on to the next step. Four distinct steps are followed to ensure that all translated documents meet the set standards:

Step one.
First, we assign a customer to a sales representative whose role is to lead the new client to the translation coordinator or project manager. Our project manager then is able to analyze the specialty of the assigned files as well as the typesetting required. He then is able to create the best and most convenient quote as per the customers' requirements and estimates. Qatar Translation agency after coming into suitable terms with the client then looks for the best translator in accordance with the technicality and complexity of the assigned project. The translator is then given time for preparation. The translation is then done under careful supervision of senior translators and proofreaders who always preserve the records in a special reference and stores them in the terminology store for future reference. The translation is sometimes stored in given terms and glossaries hence always able to facilitate the translator's accesses to the specialized terminologies and glossaries.

Step two.
The second step is always taken after complete translation of the project. In this case Qatar Translation Agency is now able to deploy the senior reviewers who are solely responsible for making any editing and revision of the translated files. Most of the grammatical errors are corrected at this point and any uncontroversial terms are corrected at this point. The senior reviewers are mainly responsible for the overall quality of the translational production. This is achieved through consistency where the translational work is assigned to a specific individual highly specialized at that particular language. The second step in consistency entails stylistic impression of the assigned language. This applies to the languages used in Europe which entail stylistic impressions. The last stage is to check or consistency in the quality of work with the instruction that the client gave. The senior reviewers makes sure that each instruction is followed to the latter to prevent any misunderstanding with the customer.

Step three.
This step is only undertaken after the revision of the whole project is complete. This only takes place after the project has undergone revision several times. Qatar Translational Agency then communicates the complete project to the customer. At this stage the client may decide to add additional information that may they might have left out.

Step four.
This is the final step where the project is delivered to the client. The client's feedback at this stage is of utmost importance and the agency is always responsive to make any modifications, alterations, corrections and changes that needed to be carried out in the translation file. Once the project is delivered to the client, they sign delivery documents and give their feedback which we may choose to use as our testimonials from time to time.