Special Offer

Qatar Translation Service is known for its exemplary performance by most of its clients. We do this by maintaining quality customer care performance and granting special offers. The main special offers granted at the company include granting a free quote for all types of content or files. Granting customers a free trial for sample translation services both in spoken word or printed sources.  The company also provides its customers with a sample translation of two hundred words without applying any cost for regular clients or potential projects inquired by new clients. Qatar Translation is also provides free implementation of changes, alterations, modifications, amendments corrections, proofreading and re-translation as per client's feedback and comments. The last offer is that the company offers special discount for large projects placed at hand.

Special discounts.
If any company needs to employ the services of Qatar Translation Services on a regular basis and in very large volumes, we always enter into a regular contract with them. This way, our clients enjoy competitive rates and better quality service besides enjoying other special membership offers. This service usually applies to the longer and more complicated texts. For large volume translations, the company may provide a favorable price if our client shows interest via a timely notification. It helps us assign translation teams on time and choose the most qualified ones for the translation process as early as possible. This practice grants the translators humble time to be able to study the subject matter.

Trial for sample translation.
Qatar translation agency offers a free sample translation to new and regular customers. This is simply to be able to grant the customer trust in the quality of the services provided. The customer is given few days or hours depending on the subject matter and once satisfied with the services offered can be able assign us the task and become a regular customer.

Free quote for all types of content and files.
Qatar Translation Services provides free quotations to its clients to establish good relations with the customer and to estimate the price of the project hence enable the client plan and budget effectively. The client then is able to look at the assigned estimate or quote then sum up the total number of projects he or she wishes to place. The quotes or estimates are always provide the true value and cost of the project without inflations.

Further, for the client to assess the quality of our services, we provide sample translation of 200 free of charge for regular clients or potential clients making inquiries about our services.

Implementation of changes, alterations, modifications, amendments, corrections, proofreading and re-translation as per client's feedback and comments are done at no cost according to Qatar Translation Service's terms of service

Qatar Translation Services has won the hearts of many and keep to maintain a long list of satisfied customers. We boast the longest customer retention rates in the industry courtesy of our special offers that are designed to ensure the customers' trust in the quality of our translation service are upheld.