Company’s Ethics

Qatar Translation Agency is aims at providing the best translation service to its clients. Our philosophy behind each and every translation order is to simply get it right for all our esteemed customers. Being one of the leading translation providers globally, Qatar Translation Agency strives to satisfy both individual and organizational needs of its clients.
Qatar Translation Services understands the challenges our customers have to undergo in order to be able to obtain a high quality translation service that is able to maintain a close fidelity to the original placed file. We are known to offer accurate and correctly literal translations that minimizes distortion of the original meaning and are able to accurately and perfectly communicate the intended message.

We perform a very thorough selection process for our translators and we choose the best of the best with the highest academic qualifications and skills. It is only through such a process that we can establish standards in translation services that mainly combines the linguistic skills of any professional translators with the expertise of practitioners.

We are able to provide translation services to different individuals according to their preference or choice. Orders are always handled with maximum care and professionalism at Qatar Translation Agency. For each assignment, Qatar Translation Agency is able to assemble a team of expert translators, proofreaders and editors that is best suited to the specific requirements of the task as directed by the client. Our professional translators are then able to exclusively translate the document into their own native languages so that the translations read like original documents that were placed. The translators make sure that the whole document is proofread and all the required changes needed by the customer made before the final document is carefully delivered to the client.

Qatar Translation Agency only works with the skilled language professionals, industry experts and project managers to be able to deliver the most accurate translation as needed by our esteemed customers.

Qatar Translation Service is always fully compliant with the International standards for quality management. All translational procedures follow the stated standards to make sure that we grant the best service to the client. Qatar Translation Service also adheres to the DIN EN quality standards for translation. The agency makes sure that the terms spelt out in the standards are adhered to. They include:
Enquiry and feasibility. Which mainly entails the customer being able to grant firsthand information on his project.
Quotation: this is mainly taken by the advisory team to be able to grant the customer a price that is most suitable for the project at hand.
The client and agency agreement: this is where the client and the related personnel come into an agreement on terms and condition of the assignment.
Handling of the project: this is the final part which mainly entails the completion of project and delivery.
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