Technical and Electronics Translation

Translation in Qatar equips with a team of specialists having great skills and experience in technical translations. We are proud to say that our company has successfully been translating technical level projects with complete confidence and trust.

Below are the fields of expertise in which our technical translators are dominated in full:

  • Technical / Engineering
  • Aerospace , Aviation and Space technology
  • Automation / Robotics
  • Automotive / Cars & Trucks
  • Computers (Hardware & Software)
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electronics / Electrical Engineering 
  • Energy / Power Generation
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Materials (Plastics / Ceramics etc…)
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanics / Mechanics Engineering
  • Meteorology
  • Military / Defense
  • Mining and Minerals / Gems
  • Nuclear Engineering / Science
  • Petroleum Engineering / Science
  • Physics
  • Telecommunications
  • Gas / Oil & Refineries
  • Mathematics
  • Naval
  • Metallurgical
  • Agriculture


Undoubtedly, technical translation servicesare never an easy task. Accurate technical translation can only be done by a specialized linguistic. An extreme care and attention is essential in translating the specific terms and glossaries of technical manuals and brochures.

 Since, technology is continued to be dominating all across the world. We know that every electronic , mechanical, industrial and scientific and chemical products contain the descriptions   and details with integrated parts. Customer satisfaction towards your products is the utmost  priority. Therefore, sending your clients a right and meaningful message about your product will  play a significant role for the success of your product.

We have complete ability to translation any of your technical document without exerting any error, missing in translation, ensuring that you are not in any embarrassing stage during or after the completion of your project.

We take care of the following things very deeply before conducting technical translation for our clients:

  • Translation is accomplished by native speakers only.
  • Consistency and unification of terms and phrases are ensured from the beginning till end.
  • Translated files are duly checked by a senior technical reviewer and proofreader
  • Translated files are completed before the given deadline
  • Corrections, changes, modifications, amendments, alterations, re-translation, proofreading, editing, reviewing and changes are executed immediately after receipt of feedbacks / comments provided by clients.


In this global market, where we find 100+ nationalities people gathering for shopping at different sale points, we strongly believe speaking / expressing of your product in their language will boost , encourage and promote your product to the next level and will enlist your company in success stories. Technical Translations help you break the language obstacles and send your product’s message to thousands of consumers.

Our company is blessed with multi-lingual team of specialized technical translators who are well-prepared to execute your translations in technical field with most appropriate manner.

In technical translations, a very small error can result a very big loss which can unveil the company in very unpredicted circumstances. On the other hand, we keep your technical materials under strict confidentiality and our team leaders are ready to sign non-disclosure agreement with your company to further strengthen your confidence in our services.

You can not only expand your business in this global market but also to the overseas territories by representing your product in their own national languages and further enhance the chances of growing your business upto maximum level.

We have highly competent team of project managers who understand the importance of your technical translations and who take full responsibility of assigning your content to the right translator instead of taking wrong and deliberate decision. They know that technical translation requires very deep knowledge of specialized terms and phrases at industry level. For this reason, they always store and maintain the up-to-date information about technical words which latter can be brought into use for your product’s translation with more precision and perfectness.

Therefore, our project managers take a great care and give a lot of attention prior to assigning your project to the most suitable technical translator and play a challenging role from its commencement till the completion.

We and our associated translation companies have translated millions of words in the field of technical translations and in different language pairs.

We have done different types of technical translations. Following is the list of some for your kind information:

1 – Electronic catalogues
2 – Marketing technical content
3 – User guides
4 – Training manuals / presentations
5 – Products Ingredients
6 – Owner’s manuals
7 – Product manuals
8 – Labels & Packaging
9 – CAD Drawings
10 – Technical Manuals
11 – Software Manuals
12 – Safety Instructions
13 – Electronic Manuals
14 – Operating Manuals
15 – Instructions Manuals
16 – Patent Applications
17 – Service Manual
18 – Maintenance Manual
19 – Home Appliances
20 – Maps and Installation layouts
21 – User Interface for Smartphone

We are providing technical translation in English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Persian, Chinese, Russian, Kurdish, Dari, Hindi, Norwegian, Czech, Danish and many other languages.