Lay outing and Publishing

Qatar Translation provides translation services for documents that need Art-work, Designing, Layouting, Typesetting and Desktop Publishing (DPT)

Art-work refers to any form of art created on the document by computers such as certificate logos. In designing, Qatar Translation Services employs graphic design specialists to come up with the best and appropriate design for the client’s document.

This ensures that the document is presentable and readable after the translation. The specialist also comes up with the layout that best fits a particular kind of document based on the universal required standards before publishing the final translated document.

Qatar Translation Agency highly recommends that your translation and document’s typesetting is to be done under one roof. This does not only save your time but also minimizes the possibilities of mistakes from head to toe. Therefore, hiring one vendor for your document’s creation instead of too many vendors is a very commendable and wise decision by the client. At Qatar Translation we can create your document in the most professional way by assigning the documents to our specialized team of designers and desktop publishers who will execute the project using industry standard software or programs. The designers are equipped with the state-of-the-art technological gadgets necessary to perform this task. They have the latest and most developed system programs, computers and peripherals that ensure accurate and excellent results.

The art-work specialist comes up with the appropriate art that goes with the specific official document. This includes the logos, font of the letter heads, as well as the background images or watermarks. They also checking the design to ensure that the document meets the requirements based on the source file.

The typesetting specialist’s job is to create the layout of the translated content as per the master files provided as a source file.  We can layout any kind of brochures, manuals, pamphlet, flyers, business cards, magazines, posters and menus in any language. Therefore your documents will be in safe hands guaranteed. Our designers are the best in the business and will make sure that everything falls in place and to your satisfaction.

Desktop publishing (DPT) software enable the designers to come up with layouts thus allowing the company to publish a wide range of printed material. Methods involved in desktop publishing gives the specialists more control when it comes to design and layout when compared to word processing. It is also used in creation of various graphics that may be essential in some official documents.

Despite languages of the Middle East being register transfer language (RTL), an intermediate representation in computer science, having characters completely varied from Western Languages is possible. RTL is considered to be very close to an assembly language and often found used in academic papers and textbooks, where it functions as the language for an architecture-neutral assembly. Qatar Translation Agency will produce the final document as carbon copy as per the source thanks to our professional team of desktop publishers and layouting specialists. Our clients will therefore receive a fully analyzed and well translated authentic document ready for business.