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Qatar Translation is leading translation provider most trusted in medical translation, legal translation, and technical and electronic translation services. We intend to be a leading service provider in Qatar and far beyond. We specialize in quality management processes and client centered service and this has been the secret behind our success.
To provide reliable translation services in Qatar and globally, Qatar Translation has developed an extensive multi-level system that will be helping us in managing our translation quality assurance and quality management for technical projects.

Professional Translators
To maintain the high quality that has been the backbone of our business, we have a system that ensures that there are minimal chances of error or omission and elimination in any language we translate to. We make use of the best translators, editors and proofreaders. Each of the systems has a professional translator who is very competent and is aware of the language since he/she is a native speaker of that language.

Qatar Translation Agency is well organized and based on transparency continuous feedback and issue tracking. When a translation is done for a client, we will be looking for the feedback and incase the work wasn’t done to his/her reviews are done until the final copy is error free.

Feedback and reviews
It is important to know that, the feedback is directly communicated to the director of operations who will be discussing it with the management. This helps us evaluate our performance and quality of services to the individual clients across the globe.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform our clients, both globally and internationally, that our whole review system is based completely on transparency and integrity to them. The competition across the globe makes us deliver the best service. The following are some of the guiding principles we have in place ensure better translation quality:

  • Minimizing the chances of error during translation to other languages this involve employing an experienced translator
  • A thorough review process to identify and validate the translation.


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